Bedding Plant Types

Bedding Plant Plugs

Young bedding plants called ‘plugs’ and are more progressed in their development than seedlings and as a result are ready to plant out immediately. Bedding Plant plugs mean you can grow plants that could be hard to germinate yourself from seeds. It is important when you are buying trays of bedding plant plugs that you check they have good root growth. Also check that the shoots and leaves not broken, have any mould or are turning yellowy. First ‘prick’ out the plugs into individual pots and place them in a greenhouse. It is advised to Water the plants regularly and then put them in a cold frame to harden them off about two or three weeks before planting.

Once you are ready to pot them into the final pot stage before bedding out you should follow these simple steps to help you succeed.

Water the young plug plants well before you begin.

Try not to touch the stem when potting them on this can cause damage.

Use a liquid feed to water the plants into the pots.

Bedding Plants in pots and trays

Bedding plants can be bought ready to plant out in pots or trays. Trays containing lots of plants are usually cheaper to buy than individual modules, but their roots are often damaged when they are pulled apart at the time of planting. However, in individual modules, or cellular trays, plants develop their own root systems, which makes them healthier and less prone to damage at planting time.

Once your new plants are potted on they should grow quickly. Keep feeding them and remove any flower buds that form in the first two weeks.

Ideal bedding plants to grow from plugs are Geraniums, Bizzie Lizzies, and Begonias.

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